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Welcome to Gateway Assets

Gateway Assets provides group sponsorship for Multi-Family commercial investment real estate. We locate commercial real estate projects, correct temporary operational flaws, and through fractional ownership deliver the wealth building benefits to you. Please see our investors section on investing in private placements offered by Gateway.

Benefits  of commercial investment real estate

As an investment vehicle, real estate competes successfully with other investments, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and certificates of deposits. Income producing commercial real estate provides you value in the following areas:

  1. Investment in tangible wealth building vehicle
  2. Recurring cash flow distributions
  3. Incremental capital accumulation through annual appreciation
  4. Attractive hedge against inflation

Analysing alternative investments

Simply understanding an investments characteristics and price are not enough. We carefully match you with an income producing plan that can be compared to non-real estate investments to help you make the best decision.

See our investors section for more information